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Jan Manaton

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Artist’s Bio:

I am basically a self-taught artist.  I took art in high school with the intent of going to art school but a misadventure with a bottle of India ink and the art teacher’s favourite reference book resulted in a course change and the course of my life.  Creativity always found an outlet but for many years I forsook painting until an irresistible weekend “watercolour and food” workshop reunited me with paper and brush. 

Objects or locations that say “paint me” usually have one thing in common beyond an immediate emotional reaction:  a strong contrast – either because of the design created by light and shadow or the juxtaposition of simple and complex features.  I am drawn to strong colours. 

At some point in the creative process, I leave scrutiny of the subject photograph or item behind when the painting “takes over”.  This transition, which cannot be controlled, intrigues me… and if it doesn’t happen, the painting doesn’t work out to my satisfaction.   I believe that the transition is my linking with a greater creative force.  When a painting is successful, it is the most amazing feeling in the world.  I am always humbled by this process. 

Artist’s Statement:

"I hope that my artwork evokes in the viewer the desire to meditate on the scene or object I have portrayed.  Success, to me, is a painting that draws the onlooker in for a closer look and enables them to daydream.   I try to depict the inherent serenity in, and sense of wonder I hold, for the natural world."