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David Pacholko

Artist’s Statement:

"For me, painting is an intimate and private experience I embark upon each time I face a canvas. I re-visit past and present life experiences and allow my intuition to guide me through this reflective process. I paint what I feel and not from a preliminary sketch or object.

This is how I approached my recent work. I work very quickly, as each canvas takes on a life of its own with a myriad of shapes, textures, brush strokes and a vivid colour palette. Each canvas truly represents a specific moment in my life, which I have reinterpreted in an abstract way. At times these events are still fresh in my mind and yet there are others that are buried deep within my soul, but they rise up and re-surface in a new light through each canvas.

When a painting has begun, I never know what the end result will be, however the journey of creating the artwork is the most interesting experience of the artful process, for it just happens for a lack of a better phrase, being in the moment with no script. Yet each works comes from the heart and is rooted in the emotions running through me."