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Cecile van Woensel


Cécile van Woensel was born in the Netherlands and always had a great interest in nature and art. After she completed her studies in Fine Arts and Molecular Biology, she worked as a teacher in fine arts and had her own company in murals and paintings. Since her art study, she took full advantage of her Biology background. Drawing was an excellent way to study the morphological structures which were found in nature. While creating art, she could add a more subjective and personal vision, which was not allowed in science.For Cecile moving to Nanaimo in the summer of 2008 was like a dream come true. Living so close to forests and ocean inspired her to make more art than she ever did before. The willowtrees were an important source of inspiration in her work in Holland. Here, in Canada, she continued the tree theme using the rainforest and shoreline instead, which offers her great opportunities to be inspired by other living beings.

In the Netherlands her work was exhibited several times in galleries, institutions and visitor’s centres of natural parks. In Canada she participated in an integrated art project and she won the first prize at a painting contest.

Artist’s Statement:

'On canvas or paper, it is an adventure to capture my perception. Observing is not only by the eyes of the beholder, it goes further. When I am inspired by something, for instance a tree, I want to feel with my hands the bark with it’s mosses, cracks and gaps. I want to take part in the magic world of the trees which I do not know. For me, drawing and painting are my methods to explore a little bit of this gigantic mystery and to make this visible in my artwork for other people.'